Electric Motel

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    The Lobby: Mr. K (Likwid Productions) Phil Asher (Restless Soul)(UK) The Suite: Dj Solo (Hip Hop Turntablism)
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  • Torque and Ohm Records (Dubai), two of the regions top underground event organizers, join forces once more to bring another Electric Motel event at Club Seven and Level on Friday, March 7th, with the series now being supported by Heineken Music. Checking into Electric Motel will be one of the most respected producer/DJs of British House, Phil Asher, with Dubai-based British DJ SOLO taking charge of turntables in Level. With the building success of the first three events, organizers continue to show their confidence in the desire of Bahrain’s nightclub scene as the third installment takes shape. Phil has completed well in excess of 100 of his own productions, as well as innumerable remixes, all of which receiving high critical acclaim. From his first gig at London’s first House club Delirium in 1991 (slipping on a record when Noel Watson went to the toilet) to more recent gigs at, Off Centre at 333, and Soul Heaven at Ministry of Sound in London and Angels of Love in Italy, Phil has played the length and breadth of the UK, as well as a good part of the World, which will all bare testaments to Phil’s prowess behind the turntables. Surrounded by music and records from an early age; his Dad worked in a record chain-store, bringing home all the latest releases to a young and eager Phil, who, unbeknownst to his Father, would take them to school and sell them to his friends. This entrepreneurial spirit saw Phil going on to work in Quaff Records and Vinyl Solution, two of London’s finest record stores, instrumental in pushing quality House and Garage to London. Always reluctant to specify the genre of music he plays, Phil genuinely suggests that he plays anything from Jazz to Latin to Disco, and cutting-edge house. “I play music from every category as long as it’s good quality timeless music with big productions”, he says. Along with Luke McCarty, Phil is the founding member of the restless soul Production Team, which also incorporates producers Modaji, (Laws of Motion Records) Taxi Driver, (Estereo Records), and Roy Marsh, Aaron Ross (who featured at the last Electric Motel event) and Felix Hopkins. He also produces under various aliases, which include Basic Soul and Electric Soul with ex-partner Luke McCarty, Woolph, Phoojun alongside Nathan Haines, Focus and 12-bit Rephugees with Mark de Clive-Lowe. Phil has also been a part of the West London brokenbeat scene, which has been receiving serious critical acclaim of late, and a founding member of the CO-OP club alongside Dego, I.G Culture and Demus, which enables them to represent and promote the West London sound worldwide. DJ Solo started his career in 1995 in his hometown of High Wycombe, where he threw parties and played on various radio stations to gain exposure. After three years of mixing he moved to London to study where, alongside friends, he learnt how to scratch. Solo continued to play at events and held regular shows on two Internet Radio Stations, and also founded the first ever DJ Society at London Guildhall University where, alongside his friends, he taught beginners the correct techniques for mixing and scratching. Since coming to Dubai, Solo has played at various clubs and bars including Boudoir, Trilogy, Terminal / IBO, Oxygen and The MIX, The Apartment. During 2005 he hosted a fortnightly show every Thursday night on Dubai Radio 1 bringing the best in underground hip hop to the U.A.E. airwaves for the first time ever. He has been called “Dubai’s No.1 Turntablist”, “Dubai’s Premier Hip Hop Turntablist” and “Dubai’s only true Hip Hop Turntablist”, and is well-renowned throughout the DJ community in the Middle East for his scratching and mixing skills. In December 2005 he won the Technics ‘Sultans of Spin’ Competition, held at Trilogy Rooftop. Electric Motel will take place on the 7th of March at Club Seven and Level, located in the Mishal Hotel in Manama. Doors open at 10pm and Tickets will be BD7 for men BD5 for ladies. For more information about the event, please call (973) 3914 3465, or email Torque at [email protected] Additional information about Electric Motel is also available on www.electricmotel.com and www.torque.to
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