Cheap Sunglasses

  • Cheap Sunglasses: Only once in a long while do the stars align to allow for a meeting of this proportion. Doesnt matter if your at Minus, Get Physical, or in Sobe, but come Friday Morning, youll want to end up at PS14. Dont worry about the heat or the sun, we have you covered. Plenty of cheap drinks and sunglasses to go around. Yes, thats right, all paid entries will receive a pair of neon cheap sunglasses compliments of Blk|market Membership/Uddermadness+Bar13. Prepare to dance, sway, stumble or whatever it is you do all day long to the massive custom Dynachord sound system we have for the outside stage. We have the best DJs and producers in the world to keep you grooving in Downtown Miami. 8AM-9PM 13 Hour event All paid entrants will receive a pair of Cheap Sunglasses Pre-sales will be available soon on, this will be the only way to ensure entry, as capacity is extremely limited. Martin Landsky (Poker Flat) Konrad Black (Wagon Repair) Magda (M_NUS) Argy (Poker Flat) Italoboyz (Get Physical) Three (Hallucination LTD) Pier Bucci+Crazy Larry as Glacier LIVE (Wagon Repair) Matt Tolfrey (Leftroom) Derek Plaslaiko (Spectral) Lunitik (Wreckless) Acid Circus (Droid) Drumcell (Droid) Taimur + Fahad (Blk|market) Steven LeTigre (Subtropical) We will not be posting set times, so arrive early and stay late, going to be an all day affair Stay tuned for more bios, mixes, and updates. Feel free to check and as well for more information.
  • Cheap Sunglasses - Flyer front
    Cheap Sunglasses - Flyer back