Laurel Halo (Live) / Kassem Mosse (Live) / Lee Gamble (Live) / DJ Bill Kouligas / Untold DJ set

  • LAUREL HALO (live) Laurel Halo is a recording artist from Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States. Taking influence from the techno of her Midwest roots, Halo has developed a unique take on electronic music, combining the machine pulse of hardware and software instruments (synthesizers, samplers, drum machines) with her own voice to address physical process, liminality and virtual violence. Halo has also released more rhythm-focused music under the alias King Felix, also with clear lineage to the machine soul and dub techno sounds of the Motor City. Halo’s debut album “Quarantine”, was released on Hyperdub to critical acclaim in 2012, receiving such accolades as #10 Album of the Year in The Washington Post, and the #1 Album of the Year in The Wire Magazine. KASSEM MOSSE (live) Kassem Mosse produces a variety of electronic music, ranging from techno to house and freeform experiments. Mosse's signature style focuses on contrasting textures, deep bass frequencies and intricate rhythm patterns. His music is released by labels such as FXHE (US), workshop (GER), The Trilogy Tapes, nonplus+ and Soul Jazz (UK). Kassem Mosse performs live and DJs in Europe, the US and Japan. LEE GAMBLE (live) Lee Gamble started out as a teenager dj-ing on pirate radio and on the emerging Jungle scene, however his own approach to music has taken a more experimental direction. Exploring the outer realms of abstraction through digital synthesis/resynthesis, Lee has described his current compositional process as: “…The configuration of material (ex nihilo) via various digital synthesis methods, prompts further disfigurations and reconfigurations. What you then have left is often the detritus or debris of an idea. Phantasms of both previous and current musical, pseudoscientific and sculptural influences are manifest as new material abstractions, created from the digital blank canvas. This abstraction allows several interests to appear in the works simultaneously…”. UNTOLD (DJ set) Jack Dunning’s production work as Untold has reinvigorated the climate of dancefloors around the globe. First releasing music on Hessle Audio, where his ‘Kingdom’ single housed two slices of unsettlingly brilliant atmospheric bass weight, the North Londoner has gone on to releases numerous scene stealing EPs as well as form his own label, Hemlock Recordings. He now stands proudly as a tastemaker in his own right.
  • Laurel Halo (Live) / Kassem Mosse (Live) / Lee Gamble (Live) / DJ Bill Kouligas / Untold DJ set - Flyer front