Wifey - Randomer & Lee Gamble

  • We spent half of last year wanting to get Randomer down to Wifey without managing to do so, so we’re hyped to have him play for us at The Waiting Room. Our eagerness began at Dimensions Festival where he crafted a visceral, hard-hitting set, showcasing a distinctive range of genres and styles. The same approach has marked Randomer’s production with equally exciting results. Over the past 18 months he has delivered strong singles on Hemlock and Numbers, drawing on techno, grime, funky, garage and ghetto house, but never sounding derivative. Lee Gamble made one of last year’s most welcome breakthroughs, with everyone from The Wire magazine to Boiler Room getting behind his work for the PAN label. Diversions 1994-1996 and Dutch Tvashar Plumes are inspired albums – one reason being the way they blur together two sides of Lee’s history. On one hand he’s responsible for fearlessly abstract sound experiments and has worked with composers and improvisers including John Wall. But on the night we’ll be more interested in Lee’s past as a junglist – and in the kind of mutant techno and house he delved into for his FACT mix in December. This is our first event at the Waiting Room, an intimate venue with 120 capacity and one of the best atmospheres in London.
  • Wifey - Randomer & Lee Gamble - Flyer front