Late & Deep //// White Lions (My Fav Robot), Hermans, Douglasc, Pooyan, Dirty Dale

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    Cody Lee - Deep North ... (White Lions, Birthday Boy) Sean Roman - Deep North ... (Extended Play, Strictly Rhythm, Outcross, Akbal) White Lions - Deep North ... (My Favorite Robot, Act Natural, Fabric, Blackstar) Hermans - Deep North ... (Extended Play, 530Techno, Subtrak, Harmonious Discord) Douglas Carter - Deep North (Strictly Rhythm, Idol Hanse) Dirty Dale (The Best DJ in Toronto, Deep North Fam) Pooyan (Over & Over) Eroc (E-ROCKKKKKKKKKA)
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  • LATE & DEEP EVENTS 2013 /// EVENT #3 NOTE: READ THE DETAILS CAREFULLY... OR MISS OUT...... LATE & DEEP FAM!! We are stoked to have predicted that LATE & DEEP #24 with T-BONE (UK) would be superb and that the AMAZING VIBES would carry over from our 2013 calendar kick-off with JOYCE MUNIZ (Austria). We had a packed house of interesting and fun people who danced until the lights came on at 6am - - exactly what we want at our parties. People left their attitudes and all bullshit at home, and came to get down to a stellar line up of DJs. Thank you so much for making the last two events an absolute pleasure to throw. We love the L&D Massive!! So we want to keep up the great events and amazing vibes rolling through the year, that is obvious. This is why we have booked a HOT CREATIONS / EXTENDED PLAY headliner for late march (Suprise!), and also why we want to throw another banger somewhere in between,,, because lets face it... a month without another Late & Deep is a bit much. It's just tooooo much fun!! So what would be a good reason to celebrate in L&D Fashion?? We dont really need a reason, but one became painfully apparent.... A B-DAY JAM for one of our beloved crew members. WE LOVE to host birthday parties for our amazing Deep North Crewmates when they get older.... which is why we are calling on the family and local friends to join together in order to celebrate the birthday of long time Toronto head, DJ and promoter CODY LEE [White Lions]. For those who do not know, Cody is one of the 11 talented members of the Deep North Crew, and by far the biggest analog and vinyl addict on the team. Recently Cody has been better known for producing tunes and DJing as part of the group WHITE LIONS (along with Sean Roman & Rob Steal). The White Lions have put out music on amazing labels such as My Favourite Robot, Fabric Worldwide and have an amazing upcoming release on Bubba & T-Bone's new label "Black Star" later this year. Here at LATE & DEEP, we are not afraid to pass on over hyped "DJs" that do not offer VALUE to the fans of REAL house music and techno. We only give a fuck about one thing - - being true to the art and bringing people nothing more than QUALITY MUSIC & UNDENIABLE DANCE FLOOR FUN, time and time again! Whether you know the DJs is irrelevant... one thing we can GUARANTEE is that the artists we bring out are QUALITY DJs, seasoned monsters with skills on the decks & in the studio - - real artists who do not rely on gimmicks to capture the audience. At LATE & DEEP, you can be sure you will be getting a HEALTHY serving of top-notch entertainment and a night you will not soon forget. Who is with us?!?! We Are Proud To Bring You SEAN ROMAN / CODY LEE / ROB STEAL A K A THE WHITE LIONS [ Deep North / My Favorite Robot / Black Star Rec / Fabric ] alongside a lineup of local killers and NO Filler DOUGLAS CARTER [ Deep North / Strictly Rhythm / Idol Hanse ] HERMANS aka Max Church / Dick Diamonds [ Deep North, Extended Play, 530Techno ] DIRTY DALE [ Toronto's Best DJ / Raise Me Up ] POOYAN [ Over & Over, Toronto Vet ] EROC [ Info Forthcoming ] SPECIAL BIRTHDAY EVENT FOR OUR BROTHER CODY @ THE DEEP NORTH WINK WINK... GIFTS WELCOME (Drinks & Shiat!) BUY HIM SOME DRANK (After he Plays)!!! EVENT INFORMATION / LOCATION INFO [email protected] NOTE: Event info will only be sent THE DAY OF THE EVENT.... and ONLY to those who get on the Email list. COVER PRICE // NO GUESTLIST: 10pm - 12am ........ $10.00 12am - 06am ........ $20.00 DATE: SATURDAY MARCH 2nd TIME: 10pm - 5/6am WHERE: TBA - EMAIL US FOR LOCATION ([email protected]) WHO: NO DOUCHEBAGS NO ASSHOLES NO BOTTLE LOVING DICKHEADS NO POPPED COLLARS NO RABBLEROUSERS NO SCALLYWAGS NO DRAMAQUEENS NO DRESSCODE (Except Dancing Shoes) NO WALLFLOWERS NO FIGHTERS NO PENNY PINCHERS NO GUESTLIST SEEKERS NO DANCEFLOOR FARTING MOTHER FUCKERS ** ONLY MUSIC LOVING, DANCING MOTHERFUCKERS WITH A GOOD ATTITUDE :) TENTATIVE TIME SLOTS : 10pm...... 12am...... 01am...... T.B.A 02am...... 04am...... 05am...... MORE INFO? QUESTIONS? [email protected] >>> for all you inquiries SEE YOU ON THE DANCE FLOOR.!!! AS YOU ALL KNOW, IT'S BETTER TO COME EARLY BECAUSE WE LIKE TO GET THE JAM STARTED EARLY.... AND YOU GET HALF PRICE BEFORE 12am ($10), SO WHY PLAY AROUND?!?!? WE LOVE THE MUSIC..... ONE LOVE !!
  • Late & Deep //// White Lions (My Fav Robot), Hermans, Douglasc, Pooyan, Dirty Dale - Flyer front
    Late & Deep //// White Lions (My Fav Robot), Hermans, Douglasc, Pooyan, Dirty Dale - Flyer back