Futra presents DJ Hyperactive and Mike Gervais

  • DJ HYPERACTIVE (HOUSE SET) (4TRK, FIGURE, DROID BEHAVIOR) LA Chicago original and skilled DJ since the late 80s, Hyperactive has pushed an evolving sound across the borders of house and techno and has nearly 2 decades of smashing releases to his name on a host of influential labels such as Contact, Drop Bass, Communique’, Missile, Hybrid, Smile, Analog, Plus 8, Planet of Drums, 4 Track, and the list continues. Since the late 90s he’s run 4 Track Records out of Los Angeles, with the likes of releases such as Music Box coupled with re-edits of Missile famed track, Wide Open and a Planet of Drum track, RX Tribe by label owner and Berghain resident DJ, Len Faki on his Figure imprint. MIKE GERVAIS (SYSTEM) MPLS Mike Gervais hails from Minneapolis, but his home is the booth of a darkened club dutifully working behind the decks. The icy terrain of the north has blossomed from flyover country into a hotbed of techno talent, and Mike has carried on a local tradition of excellence by drawing a straight line between solid performances and steady studio output. An ear for propulsive rhythms and a penchant for bleeding-edge technology has allowed Gervais to translate a youth immersed in electronic music into success as a beat-slinging veteran. The move towards live looping and custom edits eventually led to the studio. His tracks have received praise from Chris Liebing, Dave Clarke, Audio Injection, Tommy Four Seven, Tim Xavier, Dustin Zahn, and Richie Hawtin. RICKY DEF (FUTRA) LA Carefully attuned to the established and emergent genres of dance music, Ricky Def draws from house, techno, and UK garage to forge a sound that is as provocative as it is gratifying. A throwback to dj’s a generation ago, Ricky eschews digital artifice to rely on his staggering and coveted collection of vinyl and acetates. A stalwart of the Los Angeles underground since 2006, Ricky Def continues to execute his craft and compel dance floors with his impeccable sound. MIKEY V (HAWT) LA Since 2006, Mikey Velazquez has helped develop HAWT Music into a house music staple. He manages the label A & R, hosts the weekly HAWT Music Radio podcast, and organizes LA’s infamous HAWT events. Mikey is currently working on his own original studio productions, set for release in 2013. UNIT (SMOG) LA A beat junkie who has been around since the birth of SMOG, Unit is a prolific producer and powerhouse of a DJ who rocks any crowd with his sick skills and smart selection. Pushing the dubstep sound in LA since 2005, Unit is a core member of the crew, devoting his time not only to spinning but to promotions as well. Unit is an experienced DJ with quite a few house, hip hop and drum and bass parties under his belt. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// JEWELRY & ACCESSORIES SHOP BFLY BLACK AND COLD MYRRH JEWELRY SUMMER ADELINE JEWELRY TAHANI PETROU NATALIA+BENSON JEWELRY BEAUTY SHOP NAILS BY ROSANNE TARA BOUILLET (THE WELL) EMILY RAE CREATIVE DANCE PERFORMANCE FRANTICK (FUNNY BONES) TRONIK (FUNNY BONES) PREYING MANTAS (PMAM PRODUCTIONS) VISUAL EXPERIENCE DREW BEST (SMOG) DAZZ MOOV (FUTRA)
  • Futra presents DJ Hyperactive and Mike Gervais - Flyer front