Leisure System.18 & Finest Friday

  • Die 18. Leisure System Party kommt mit einem Live-Act von (Sam) Barker & (nd) Baumecker, die im vergangenen Jahr mit ihrem Album Transsektoral eigentlich flächendeckend bei Techno- und Electronica-Aficionados für Begeisterung sorgen konnten und gerade mit ihren zwei Remixes für Sinkane‘s „Warm Spell“ auf DFA nochmal nachgelegt haben. Auch den Schotten Alex Smoke wird es heute live zu hören geben: sein audio-visuelles Projekt Wraetlic lässt den 4/4-Dancefloor weit hinter sich und setzt auf filigrane, kürzere Tracks mit Gesangsspuren und verschachtelten Rhythmen. Nachzuhören auf seinem selbstbetiteltem Album auf Convex Industries. Dazu vier DJs, die sich an den Schnittfeldern von Garage, House, Bass-Musik und Techno bewegen – Leisure Systems ganz spezieller Dance Futurismus. Den man heute aber auch in die Panorama Bar erleben kann, zumindest wenn der Space Dimension Controller mit seiner 808, Vocoder und Laser-Schwert hineingebeamt wird. Welcome To Microsector-50 heißt sein Album auf R&S, eine intergalaktische Erzählung mit synkopiertem Funk. Ansonsten gibt‘s klassische House-Rhythmen bei Finest Friday zu hören, zum Beispiel von den zwei Briten Waze & Odyssey, die mit ihrem Kerry-Chandler-beeinflussten Garage House gerade formvollendet den Hunger nach Mitt-90er-Happiness stillen. Another cold and dark winter in Berlin comes to an end, and a city in hibernation is awoken to the sound of lazer guns and bass drums. It’s the 18th edition of Leisure System in the Berghain mothership! After his much discussed visit for LS.13 back in 2011, we're welcoming the return of Intergalactic Ambassador for Funk and Rhythm, aka Space Dimension Controller, aka Mr 8040, who's sensational album »Welcome to Microsector-50« is about to drop on R&S Records. Teleporting directly into Panorama Bar, armed with 808, vocoder, and lazer beams, prepare yourself for one of the sexiest live shows in the Solar System. With a string of highly respected techno releases under his belt, Alex Smoke is nevertheless an artist that allows himself freedom across a wider, if not all encompassing sonic galaxy. We're pleased to present his latest audio-visual project Wraetlic, working with shorter song structures and placing his contorted vocals at the forefront of his tactful production, whilst still maintaining the driving energy of his previous work. His exceptional self-titled album just dropped on Convex Industries to a glowing reception, don't miss the Berlin debut for this very special AV show. At the intersection between garage, house, bass music and techno, you can hear the names 2562 and A Made Up Sound whispered in hushed tones… Whether releasing on his own label, or on the likes Tectonic, Clone, 50Weapons or Delsin, David Huismans delivers futuristic gems every time. Through his productions and as a DJ, Huismans constantly challenges his audience, pushing boundaries on the dancefloor whilst always managing to deliver the essential kick up the butt. How does he do it? We can only conclude that Dave is in fact an alien. Our resident kick drum administrator Sam Barker has been on the road with nd_baumecker non-stop since they released »Transsektoral« together as Barker & Baumecker last year, and we've been lucky to steal a date to bring them back to their natural home. The stunning debut made RA's top #10, ranked #6 in XLR8R's albums of the year, and caught the attention of techno and electronica aficionado's around the globe. The live set is full on analogue workout, pouring sweat while they wrestle with a pile of machines, wires, and flashing lights. Berlin appearances for the duo are kept suitably rare, so this is not to be missed! If that's not enough, Greco-Roman‘s newest signing Millennium (a collaboration between Finnish architect Ville Haimala and Norman Palm, one half of Renaissance Man) will be setting the scene in Berghain, along with our resident Disk Jockey and spirit guide N>E>D. Closing proceedings we have the mighty Objekt, one of our favourite DJ's, resident and worthy ambassador for Leisure System events around the universe… His latest split with Cosmin TRG for Bleep's super-limited series of green 12's adds another killer slice of dance futurism to his flawless discography. Panorama Bar is presented by our friends at »Finest Friday«, who have brought some serious talent to the table too. Beloved German duo Âme will be blasting off with their Detroit-influenced take on deep-house. Stepping up next are two youngsters on the tips of many tongues, Waze & Odyssey who made sizable waves lately with various releases on Sccucci Manucci, Body Work, Pet Food, Southern Fried, Wolf Music and MadTech Records. Finally, US house veteran and Underground Quality label boss Jus-Ed will provide enough vibes to keep the whole room buzzing till sunrise and beyond. Mission Accomplished. RSVP auf Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/528079190570034
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