Goethe Connections presents Mathias Schauffäuser & Xhin

  • Getting Techno / House heads sweaty to his sweet sounds since ’94 Mathias Schaffhäuser is also a prolific producer who’s also released tracks on Definitive Records (house sub-label of Plus-8), Blaou Sounds, Force Inc., Multicolor and Frisbee Tracks. In 1997 he started his own record label WARE that released 73 twelve inches until now. Schaffhäuser's motto at the turntables is: Purism sucks and stereotypes are for squares. The quality of the music is what is important, not pure functionality. To say the least his sets can vary from Ware-style music to thumping techno, anything goes. Joining him will be home grown Techno talent, Xhin (pronounced as “Sheen”). Xhin has been exploring techno and electronic grooves since 1997 and has independently released “Xycle”, a self-promotional EP that many took notice of in 2003, followed by his debut album “Supersonicstate” a year later. As an active DJ in the local scene he has also released singles and remixes for German independent record label, Meerestief. His awesome remix for Five Green Circle's Ronan's BBQ has seen heavy rotations from DJs like Loco Dice as well as Mathias Schaffhäuser himself. So bleep to the boys’ beats during this one time techno extravaganza. You won’t regret it!
  • Goethe Connections presents Mathias Schauffäuser & Xhin - Flyer front