Silo presents Eli Verveine

  • So then, Eli Verveine, a purveyor of all things deep and dubby and our next special guest to these shores. As head honcho along with Oscar Schubaq at Berlin/Zurich based dub techno label Tardis, she's certainly an individual whose obviously passionate about what she does, whether it's DJ'ing or producing, have a listen to Tardis release 'Ness', a low slung punchy groove monster as evidence of this. Eli garnered her reputation at the Dachkantine club and on her weekly radio show at Zurich's Radio Lora, this was further enhanced by the two mixes she did for mnml ssgs. A playing style that covers anything from elegant to raw to rumbling to downright stripped down, just how we like it at Silo, and we'll be lucky enough to hear this first hand this coming March. I guess we might be onto something when you consider what Marshal Jefferson said to Eli, "You sound just like from my hood in Chicago". A seal of approval indeed.
  • Silo presents Eli Verveine - Flyer front