Colony vs Broken20

  • 2013's first Colony proper will take place in the welcoming environs of The Waiting Room, where, alongside Plex and Perc Trax, we saw out 2012 in intimate-but-rambunctious fashion. Joining us on this occasion will be another of our very closest associates, Glasgow's Broken20, whose output - spanning pretty much every denomination of club and non-club music we're into, barring donk - has impressed us since day one, with space made recently for Colony's very own Tengui - boom boom. There's really no label we'd rather bring to town, basically, and with a packed spring/summer looming large, time is very much of the essence! Making the long trip down from Scotland, then, are B20's three core operatives: TVO, Erstlaub and Production Unit - the latter two with full live PA gear. Between them, they've been responsible for some of our favourite electronic LPs of recent times, not least their three respective 2012 full-lengths (TVO's 'Red Night', Erstlaub's 'Marconi's Shipwreck' and PU's 'There Are No Shortcuts In A Grid System'), which saw them and the label receive well-deserved plaudits from press and punters alike. All three have forged unique, intelligent sounds, at once overlapping and boldly personal - TVO's bubbling post-techno, Erstlaub's corroded drones, PU's restless, dub-flecked bleepisms - placing B20 quietly at the forefront of experimental British electronica. With a sprawling new collaborative release from TVO and Covered In Sand (aka Shifted) about to hit the stores and a serious itinerary of material lined up for the remainder of the year, now really is the time to catch the label having it out inna London club. Tonight's special guests, meanwhile, are two of the UK's best young bass/techno crossover acts: Manchester's Szare and London's Spatial. Their recent output - for the likes of Horizontal Ground, Mindset and Well Rounded, with B20 wares pending - is amongst the freshest and most daring material currently being made in the fertile breeding ground between canonical house/techno and more swung, broken UK soundsystem musics, bringing Africanised rhythms and the flexing, bass-soaked swagger of UKG and funky to bear on classic locked-groove 4/4 templates. Szare plays live, Spatial on the dex. And as if all that weren't enough, we're delighted to be welcoming The Quietus along in support, no doubt armed with a choon-laden bag of records the likes of which, if you're even half as into their excellent site as we are, you'll have read all about already. Completing the package, Colony ressies Tengui and MB & CB are present as standard and aching to get their paws dirty. It's very much gig-cum-clubnight vibes for this one, folks, so don't sleep on the early start: 8pm = time to get busy. See you there. [-]
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