Life and Death Los Angeles

  • need you and life and death present... life and death tour: los angeles This February, Life and Death will be bringing a squad of artists to North America with their first US tour covering four cities before they head towards Sonar Iceland on the 15th. Dates in Los Angeles and Chicago will feature extended sets with Tale of Us, Thugfucker and DJ Tennis playing all night long while in San Francisco and New York they will be joined by some very special guests, artists that aren't all necessarily on the ascending imprint but that have been selected by the Life and Death crew specifically for their unique sounds to complement what will surely be already quite a unique experience. need you is a special event dedicated to living a heightened audio and visual experience. this is a presale only event. presales are available at: As one of the most coveted independent music labels of the present, Life and Death was born out of the attempt of giving light to an as yet untouched area of music. Music at the crossroads of a wide variety genres that might at first glance not seem so directly related. With music that in most cases hovers around a dark pop and house approach with a definite psychedelic sensibility and even an occasional sonic touch of techno. Elegant styles stemming from obscurity and indirectness which are the result of a desire for non-immediate dance floor bombs - melodic and tasteful tunes built around the concept of incorporating influences of Italian Cosmic Disco and a UK/US New Wave and Indie heritage but without the intention of “reviving” old sounds - instead creating new ones. It’s an approach that may seem less peculiar after exploring the eclectic musical backgrounds of its founders Manfredi Romano (aka DJ Tennis) a longtime soundtrack producer, and Greg Oreck, one half of New York house duo Thugfucker. The Family is completed by Karm and Matteo Milleri, aka Tale of Us who bring a wisdom and depth rarely found in artists so new on the scene. After just a few releases, Life and Death’s sound has found its way into the bacchanalian fray of some of the best parties worldwide and they've become known not only for their own distinct aesthetic and musical sound but also for the quality parties that they throw along the way.
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