Addison Groove with Faltydl & Max Pearl

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    Addison Groove ( Swamp 81 | 50Weapons ) Max Pearl ( Cluster Mag | Sci-Fi & Fantasy ) FaltyDL ( Ninja Tune )
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  • Addison Groove: Anthony Williams began his career under the much more bass-heavy, dubstep guise of Headhunter. This project took off in 2007 with several successful releases on the influential Tempa label. Suddenly in 2010, Mr. Williams released one of the most influential bass music tracks “Footcrab” under his new Addison Groove moniker. This track began to get regular play within the dance music community including techno and house music DJs such as Ricardo Villalobos. Since then Addison Groove has been developed into not only a DJ Set, but a live 808 show as well, gracing the stages of the world’s best clubs like Fabric and Berghain. LISTEN: Addison Groove WATCH: Addison Groove 70min Boiler Room Berlin DJ Set PRESS: FACT MIX 157: Addison Groove WEBSITE: Addison Groove FaltyDL: Straight out of New York City, Drew Lustman has gone by the name FaltyDL for some time now. With a nostalgic sound rooted in old New York and Chicago, he takes his productions further, with a futuristic bass twist. Mashing together influences from hip hop, dubstep, UKG, soul, jungle, broken beats and electronica, Mr. Lustman crafts music that is truly groundbreaking. Falty’s latest release comes to us via Ninja Tune and is titled “Hardcourage.” Tracks like “Bells” stand out with it’s soaring saxophone lines, the incorporation of Drew’s earnest love of experimental jazz for which he grew up listening to. LISTEN: FaltyDL WATCH: FaltyDL - Straight & Arrow PRESS: Pitchfork: FaltyDL - Hardcourage WEBSITE: FaltyDL Max Pearl: Founder of the smart-as-hell online publication Cluster Magazine, Max Pearl is a deep lover of all things Bass related. He’s DJed regularly at the Ace Hotel and has also started his own label call Sci-Fi & Fantasy. With an interest in music rooted in NYC’s rich rhythmic history, Mr. Pearl is one to play out dancehall tracks as well as juke and broken beat.
  • Addison Groove with Faltydl & Max Pearl - Flyer front