Anomaly presents Dino Sabatini

  • Anomaly is a new events and touring group, with their first event late 2012 providing a stage for local artists to perform in an immersive, intimate location. 2013 sees Anomaly branch out in new directions, as they set their sights on touring artists who inspire and influence their own audio aesthetic. The 2nd of March marks the first of these tours with Dino Sabatini. Dino helped launch esteemed German based techno label Prologue in 2008 with his No More EP, and is often credited as shaping the Prologue sound - atmospheric, deep and hypnotic. Dino released his debut LP last year - Shaman's Paths. In a recent interview Dino explains how the name came about - "I needed something to justify the feeling of trip created by a mix of dark industrial techno, and tribal sounds I used in which the main idea was to create a bridge between reality and imagination, and I chose the figure of the shaman considered by some tribal populations as a link between life and afterlife. To be able to cross that bridge people have to follow particular paths; Shaman's Path is my personal interpretation of those." On the 2nd of March Dino will be taking us on a DJ journey through deep, hypnotic techno territories. In support we have a live performance from up and coming Sydney producer Asger Jorn, as well as resident DJs Jordan Peters and Gareth Psaltis.
  • Anomaly presents Dino Sabatini - Flyer front