Use Your Third Ear ♯1

  • USE YOUR THIRD EAR is intended to be an irregular jam session, bringing artists together who cross genres to achieve an individual sound. DJ ROLANDO is one the world's great DJs. Technically gifted with groove in his soul.. His mild manner disguises his now infamous turntable proficiency; skilfully meandering from funky house, gut vibrating electro, the great techno classics and new soulful melodic techno. A native of Detroit from the Hispanic community, Rolando was drawn to Techno from hearing Jeff Mills' 'The Wizard' radio shows. This took him on a search of the city to find the source of the music Mills was playing. His search ended with him being recruited by Mike Banks into the ranks of Underground Resistance and assigned the operative name of The Aztec Mystic. MORPHOSIS or Rabih Beaini to his family and friends has been crafting away in the nether-regions of the techno underworld since the 90s. Initially as a DJ, it was a move to Italy in 1996 which proved the catalyst for him to start experimenting in the studio. And he really did experiment: his album What We Hav Learned, for Delsin was one of RA's albums of 2011. As a DJ he fearlessly traverses genres with impeccable taste and integrity. MILES is Miles Whittaker who is now widely known for his projects Pendle Coven and Demdike Stare. As a solo artist he takes more subtle routes to the same end, deep, dark and often unsettling grooves. What is less known about Miles Whittaker is that he is a great DJ. His sets are energetic and genre-crossing foray's into the past and future, gradually winding up the dancefloor to fever pitch. EL PREVOST has released two eps on THIRD EAR in the past two years, 2011's Money Honey ep and 2012's Putting Out Fire's ep. Both eps have caught the ear of djs and critics alike, and his new ep due in February 2013 will only increase the interest. ALEX DOWNEY DJ, club-promoter, record shop-founder, electronic music visionary, and now USE YOUR THIRD EAR resident, Alex has been DJing since the mid-1990s. Spinning everything electronic, he continues to DJ and promote events. A Techno boy at heart, for Alex Techno isn't a dogma so much as a spirit of electronic freedom to adapt and embrace new styles. His Split parties with Ben Sims are notorious. His bookings extend to playing the Labyrinth festival in Japan.
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