Rex Club, 25 Years presents, Legends

  • KERRI CHANDLER – Madhouse,Deeply Rooted house, Nite Grooves / Us JOE CLAUSSELL – Sacred Rhthm Music / Us JEROME SYDENHAM – ibadan/De DJ DEEP - Deeply Rooted house/ Fr ENGLISH // At the time we started Legends there was a nice energy with up and coming young French producers backing me up, Dj Gregory, Julien Jabre, Olivier Portal (Playing for the city), a bit later on , Next Evidence and soon to come Franck Roger. When djaying in town it almost felt like i was playing for friends and not a crowd of strangers, i guess this part also made the party pretty unique & special . The party was all about trying out things and sharing with a Parisian audience , the vibe & the unique way of partying my friends and discovered and enjoyed in NYC at the time. It gave us the opportunity to bring to Paris for the first time , House legends such as Kerri Chandler, Joe Claussell, Jovonn, etc... The party was taking place on a Thursday night and the Rex club was supporting me trying to experiment and bring all those djs that were not yet so well known in town ! Kerri Chandler and Joe Claussell became regular guests at the party, Kerri even named one his "Powder" song mixes "deep at legends" Having Moodymann as a surprise guest was also a highlight of those nights. Trying to expand on the concept today is pretty challenging and exciting , bringing back Kerri Chandler, Joe Claussell and Jerome Sydenham together on the same night is such an exciting experience where everybody will i hope be excited to play again together and share the spirit in a today's vibe! First Legends Party For 2013 Will be @ Rex Club On Sunday the 3rd Of February !! More Legends Parties are scheduled for 2013 so watch this space ……... FRENCH // Le REX CLUB célèbre en cette année 2013 son 25ème anniversaire. Déjà deux générations de clubbeurs ont dansé des nuits entières dans cet antre du 5 boulevard Poissonnière ! Tout au long de l’année, le REX vous proposera quelques événements clés en clin d’œil aux artistes du passé, présent et futur en musique électronique. Beaucoup se souviennent de l’année 1997, où Dj DEEP fondait les soirées LEGENDS au REX CLUB. Il a réunit à cette époque des artistes comme Frankie Feliciano, Joe Claussell, Kerri Chandler, Tommy Musto, JoVonn, Michael Watford, Nick Jones, Jerome Sydenham, etc … Déjà rassemblés il y quelques années sur le même line up, KERRI CHANDLER, JOE CLAUSSELL et JEROME SYDENHAM ont répondu présents à l’invitation de DJ DEEP pour cette nouvelle LEGENDS. Bien que les années aient passés ces artistes restent à ce jour des références en musique électronique, des légendes que nous avons hâte de retrouver au REX CLUB !
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