LWE and Desolat present: Sidexside - Tini and Guti

  • - **Venue Announcement** LWE and Desolat present: Sidexside – tINI and Guti (Live) Saturday 9th February : 10pm – 6am Address: Factory 7, 13 Hearn Street ,EC2A 3LS Desolat is a label that has been at the forefront of electronic music for the last few years, releasing groundbreaking artists such as tINI and Guti. Unsurprisingly tickets for this event have flown out, and Factory 7 will provide for the perfect venue for a night of forward thinking house and techno. We strongly advise early arrival! -- Following the successful launch of SIDEXSIDE in 2012 we kick off 2013 with two of Desolat’s most hyped about artists tINI and Guti. As a label Desolat have built up a reputation for releasing some of the most ground breaking music, so we thought it would be only fitting for two of it’s leading acts to be paired SIDEXSIDE. This showcase will feature a live set from Guti and tINI will provide an extended set, taking you through a journey of experimental house and techno. tINI In only a few years tINI has risen to being one of Germany’s most highly acclaimed female producers. In 2008 she joined the Desolat family, after she caught the attention of Loco Dice when playing at some of the same parties. It’s her ability in intuitionally knowing how to enchant her crowd during igniting main-¬time sessions, combined with her distinctive sound that has made her reputation what it is today. Constantly pushing the tech funk sound forward, the most significant highlight of her unique career was when she released her debut album on Desolat last autumn. Guti live In was in the studio of Latin Grammy-nominated producer and friend Leandro Martinez that Guti began experimenting with making house beats and singing on top. A classically-trained jazz virtuoso and national rock ‘n’ roll hero in Argentina, Guti was born into an exceptionally musical family, which included orchestra directors, saxophone players and pianists. In 2010 Guti moved to Düsseldorf to settle down in the studio to concentrate on his techno and house project. The result was “Patio de Juegos”, his stunning debut album released on Desolat, since then the Latin-Düsseldorfer has been taking the world by storm. http://dj.beatport.com/#events/43659 www.desolat.com http://www.facebook.com/desolatmusicgroup https://twitter.com/Desolat_Music Important Notice: As you are no doubt aware mobile phone theft is a genuine issue in London. Now organised gangs are targeting London's Clubs. Please be very careful and look after your phone at all times. When you use your phone thieves will be watching and waiting to see if you have a smart phone. We recommend you put it in in our free phone cloakroom service at the start of the night or avoid using it when you are in the club. If you lose your phone please immediately contact a member of security and if you think it has been stolen please give a clear description of the alleged culprit. We will be operating a 'NO RE ENTRY' policy. This is to stop thieves leaving the venue with your phone. You may be searched when you leave the venue - This will deter thieves from taking your phone, as then they will not be able to get it off the premises with them.
  • LWE and Desolat present: Sidexside - Tini and Guti - Flyer front
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