Doomsday Mmxii with DJ QU, Ron Morelli, Slava, and Svengalisghost

  • Supposedly, the world is going to end. Let's dance all night, and be uplifted by some of the best, carefully selected artists around. Featuring: DJ QU With his roots in being a dancer, QU's got that in-depth knowledge of how to get you moving your body in ways you didn't even think you could. One of New York's finest, QU delivers deep eclectic house jams with an extremely refined taste. His Strength music imprint was launched in 2005 and continues to garner interest from record buyers, DJ’s and press alike. His releases on DJ Jus-Ed's Underground Quality, Inimeg Recordings, Styrax, and Deconstruct all remain highly collectible items. Ron Morelli This year, Morelli's L.I.E.S. record label out of Brooklyn, NY, has made huge waves throughout the house music community worldwide. Making #1 record label of 2012 on music goliaths like Resident Advisor, Juno, and Little White Earbuds. Morelli's sets always bring a broad selection of good vibes and impeccable DJ skill. Slava Hailing from Chicago, and now residing in Brooklyn. Slava's music ranges from abstract tracks to dancefloor killers. His live sets are well known throughout Brooklyn for inciting some of the best dance parties around. His release this year, "Soft Control", on Software Recordings is favorite of ours, along with his previous releases on the D.C. house label Future Times, Mathematics Recordings, and his own imprint, Moment Sound. Svengalisghost This Chicago based artist takes strong influences from his hometown into his music in his own way and creates such a jacking sound, he brings the house down. His release this year, "Mind Control", on Morelli's L.I.E.S. is definitely part of the label's success this year. Fresh from his European tour, there's no doubt, Svengalisghost is gonna tear the place apart. The Irradiance Cache This radio show, based in Brooklyn, is run by Aaron Katsnelson; the organizer of this event, and the host as well. This event is also a going away party of sorts, as Aaron is bringing his aspirations across the pond to Berlin, Germany. You can find recordings of his radio show on, where he features finely curated guest performances and mixes from artists around the world, and his own DJ sets featuring both classic and modern house and techno greats. Always expect the highest vibes from this guy, and keep your eyes and ears open for his future shows.
  • Doomsday Mmxii with DJ QU, Ron Morelli, Slava, and Svengalisghost - Flyer front