Loft Studios presents... It's A Fine Line

  • IT'S A FINE LINE… in a very fine LOFT, indeed.  Tim Paris and Ivan Smagghe's outfit IAFL are leading their own occupy movement to this now infamous west London location. Be sure to get your ticket for 'Le Grand Soir' right here. First, as prime guest of the night, we salute Jake Fairley aka FAIRMONT. Jake will perform live his new album (released on ubercool label: My Favorite Robot), AUTOMATON. And when we say live, we mean live. Jake is of a different breed, he does not use a laptop, he plays keyboards and triggers machines, he sings. The guy has two brains and four arms. Expect neo-pop electronics without the fluff and spaced out techno without the dull. IAFL, who have recently tweaked Fairmont's CREATURES OF NIGHT (more on remixes here:, are delighted to be at the helm for the rest of the night.  In the midst of recording their album, they will come out of their bunker in full wonkyness. Describing what will be played is useless, their sound is no sound, defying categories being an imperative: discokrautechnoitaljackblahblahblah... As they say, 'expect the unexpected.'  You will be dancing for sure; dancing on the edge.  (If not, it means you are taking up too much space). Have a listen to some selections from IAFL here: This is the very early or very late downbeat side of IAFL- White Light signalling the start, or the end of the tunnel...
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