Picnic presents Psychemagik on The Island

  • Oh man are we thrilled to announce this one. January 5th. The Island. Psychemagik playing in the summer afternoon sun against the stunning backdrop of Sydney Harbour. Swim, lounge, eat, drink and dance the first weekend of 2013 away. This is what dreams are made of! God we love Psychemagik. The UK duo, known for their sensational disco and psychedelic edits, obscenely vast record collections, beautiful production work and transcendent mixtape journeys, are a truly unique and positive presence in today's music scene. Although both Tom and Danny have both been utterly immersed in music since time itself began, Psychemagik's first appearance on wax was an edit of Fleetwood Mac's 'Everywhere', which found its way into the record bags of veterans like Tom Middleton and Greg Wilson, and instantly cemented their place in the disco music world. The duo have since released a string of highly acclaimed edits, original productions and remixes, whilst their 'After The Void' compilation for Light Sounds Dark received props from Todd Terje, 2manydjs and Lexx. And this is all in the space of about two years. Their mixes paint the story of two extraordinarily talented and passionate guys. Some blatantly show that Psychemagik can absolutely dominate a dancefloor. Others, like their guest mixes for the Test Pressing podcast, are gorgeously composed psychedelic experiences which give you an idea of just how deep and amazing their record collections really are. Basically, you can bet that they have the perfect record for any time and any place. Actually, they probably have twenty. They recently dropped their first official mix album, Magik Cyrkles, on Claremont 56 sub-label Leng, and their debut studio LP is just around the corner, so they've already set the controls for the heart of the sun and will be heading into a whole new stratosphere of awesome in no time. Take this amazing opportunity to see Psychemagik at the most perfect floating venue in the most perfect city at the most perfect time of year. Bring your swimmers and take a dip in the perfect January water, chow down on some delicious BBQ, sip on coconuts and sprawl across a day bed, then dance as the sun sets on Sydney Harbour. Could there be a better way to spend the first weekend of the new year? ***Get down to Rose Bay Wharf at or before 3pm to catch a water taxi to paradise*** Support will be in the form of Picnic legends Marcus King, Steele Bonus, Kali and Andy Webb. Earlybird tickets are a bullshit-cheap $35, then the first release hits $45. Tix will be available from RA very soon. Happy days!
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