Closer: Chris Liebing 6 Hours

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    Chris Liebing 6 hours + With Support from: Nick & Jack Please note this is an 18+ event. Bring valid ID. In Association with Mixcloud. ___________________________
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  • LWE presents Closer : Chris Liebing 6 hours Saturday 23rd February: 10pm to 6am Venue Announced: The Sidings, 51-53 Southwark Street, London Bridge, London, SE1 1TE In a modern age where the world is driven by social media and viral displays of showmanship, our scene is being enhanced by the connection and relationship between the DJ and the crowd; CLOSER offers the opportunity for greater experimentation in an artist’s set and an up-close and personal experience with our DJ heroes. This February, LWE favourite, Chris Liebing will return to London to play at a showcase that will feature the CLR owner playing a monster 6 hour set. Chris will be stepping away from his usual headline set, giving him the opportunity to offer you an insight into his passion and an education in techno. The occasion represents a very rare opportunity to see CLR head honcho take you on a journey through the genre, delving into every corner of his record collection during his marathon set. Watch Chris Liebing crafting his set step-by-step, enjoying every turn of the dial and each flick of the cross-fader as he connects with the dance floor. Tickets - £15 to £20 + BF: Tickets on sale Friday 30th Nov at 10am **This is a limited capacity event** Important Notice: As you are no doubt aware mobile phone theft is a genuine issue in London. Now organised gangs are targeting London's Clubs. Please be very careful and look after your phone at all times. When you use your phone thieves will be watching and waiting to see if you have a smart phone. We recommend you put it in in our free phone cloakroom service at the start of the night or avoid using it when you are in the club. If you lose your phone please immediately contact a member of security and if you think it has been stolen please give a clear description of the alleged culprit. We will be operating a 'NO RE ENTRY' policy. This is to stop thieves leaving the venue with your phone. You may be searched when you leave the venue - This will deter thieves from taking your phone, as then they will not be able to get it off the premises with them.
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