Playhouse presents Warhol's Unfinished Sympony

  • Warhol’s Unfinished Symphony kommt dieses mal mit Ata und zwei Gästen aus Skandinavien. Olanskii und G-ha sind Veranstalter und Resident-Djs der Sunkissed Partyreihe in Oslo. Was euch heute musikalisch erwartet, kann euch Olanskii am besten selbst erklären: “House is the new House. But if you must, then the Olanskii sound is best known as sleazyfunkyfu ckedupcutnjackin’elctrodiscominimaldubacidorganicness… I think. It’s sometimes referred to as ‘skrangle house’ or Scandomentalism, and it’s certainly more of an attitude to house than a specific sound. Grab a pinch of everything, from minimal to maximal, dub to overdub, chopped to straight and blend it to chunky-smooth perfection. As long as it’s funky and the girls go wild I’ll be thrashing the house like a monkey. Confused? mmmmm but it feels so good.“