Various Vegetables 12

  • December brings Various Vegetables Number 12; the final VV for 2012 and the last for a while as we take a few months break. We've had an exciting and busy year filled with amazing concerts with special guests from Berlin and from all over Europe, it's gone by so quickly, we've been busy little bees. We want to draw our concert series of 2012 to a close with special guests Jeff Pils, Duran Duran Duran, Miwon, Memero, SekuriT, Beton and of course, the hardest working vegetables residents in town, Vodor L. Zec... k, Kinskop, Vertical67 and Eutechnik. VEGCORE DELUXE DURAN DURAN DURAN The VegLords have praised Duran Duran Duran several times for his hard-hitting feet-shuffling sets in Berlin, and following a secret underground bio-meeting, decided it would be perfect timing to invite him to play our 2012 roundup concert. With releases on Planet Mu, Cock Rock Disco and several others, he has an impressive catalogue of releases, varying from Breakcore to more straight-up fusions of techno, acid and bootybass electro. He's been adding a lot of extra-crunchy distortion to his sound recently, so you better bring your lightweight dance booties for this one, coz them foots is gonna get worked. - JEFF PILS Jeff Pils has been a previous guest at one of our concerts as part of the Beton outfit. This time, he's handed us his own album "Useless" which was released on Digital Gadget this year, and we are wowed by his talents. Fusing the engagingly-crafted electronica of his liveset with the impressive visuals from his Beton A/V crew, expect some quality audio visual eye-and-eargasms. - MIWON Miwon is also member of the Beton crew, forming the musical half of the project with Jeff Pils. He will also play his own music which we would describe as a lush mixture of electronica, ambient and a healthy dose of trippy, techno-driven beats. Beton will provide the visuals here also. Delicious! - MEMERO We discovered Memero on the internet recently, and as lovers of video games we were hooked by the fast and crunchy 8bit sound he is producing. His sounds include what seems to be meticulously-programmed tracker-like arhythmic breakcore and some very trippy tunes aswel. We're glad to announce, he's performing with TWO gameboys. Time for Dancefloor Tetris, whatever that is. - SEKURIT For the last of the year, we also thought it would be nice to have our friends from Wide Scope Experimental back in the House Of Veg. They will perform under their SeKuriT outfit, jamming out an experimental liveset with their plethora of gear - instruments, effect boxes, homemade noise machines, circuit-bent this-and-thats. Tweak it. - The VegLords would like to thank all the artists who played at the concerts in 2012, and of course all the vegetable-lovers who supported the concerts as guests and creative helping hands throughout the course of the year. This is the list of live musical acts who have played so far at Various Vegetables from January to November 2012. Axiom Alexander Buchholz Amber126 Andy Doyle Automatic Tasty Beton Disscoxx Drafter Ed Devane Electro Band Fah Ghoultango Huron Karsten Pflum Kurihara Lambent Leftchest Léel MimiCof & Junichi Akagawa Modem Talking Moth Conk Midi Mrs Jynx Ninjato O For Odetta ODD Oxynucid Phlex Silberblick Snaptick Sofus Forsberg Spongemagnet Stubborn Swarm Intelligence Tal Steady Kill Th'idiot The Ebert Brothers Tornado Horr Voltek Wermonster Wide Scope Experimental Ziggy Zoneotura Which in eleven months is FORTY-TWO acts from countries such as the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, France, US, Japan and of course from all over Germany and Berlin. Celebrate with us on December 7th where we'll have included a further five acts to our roster, bringing us to FORTY-SEVEN in 12 months, all for 5 euro every time… We're too kind. Sincere thanks from Vertical67, Kinskop, Vodor L. Zeck and Eutechnik. /VV12/ /DEC 7TH/ /2012/ /VEG FOREVER!/
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