Changes Feat. Zernell Gillie and The Black Madonna

  • Zernell Gillie of Grimy! Edits (Los Angeles, USA): Changes is excited to have Chicago native Zernell Gillie as our December guest! Zernell's style can range from the heart of disco to the soul of Chicago house music with a grimy twist. By taking rare disco classics and stripping them down and rebuilding them to a beating perfection it's no wonder why his imprint Grimy, has sold thousands of copies worldwide. His musical savvy and hard work pushing his sound and disco/house culture is definitely paying off. Early set by The Black Madonna Free midnight shot TBA Samone Roberts, Nathan Drew Larsen, and Loves Records present CHANGES... Changes is a monthly Chicago event that serves as a bastion for roots dance music and DJ culture. We celebrate the medium; the beatification of the beat. The sundy set of unrelenting party goers at Changes takes the bacchanalian dance floor as seriously as the music. Changes loves house, disco, industrial, Italo, the list goes on… we have no temporal bias. Our civic pride compels us to represent the hedonistic and eclectic bent of Chicago’s most beloved esoteric mixing traditions. Changes DJs are real turntablists: alchemic artists behind the decks. Guest selectors include: Specter, Jamie 3:26, Justin Long, DJ Spun, Tyrel Williams, Ross Kelly, ShredOne and Sassmouth. Samone Roberts and Nathan Drew Larsen host “Changes” the first Friday of every month at Beauty Bar. We get to the club early to set up the decks, sound check, and tune things up so they sound nice for you on the Funktion One. There is always a free shot at midnight, named after whatever song our DJ decides to drop at 12:00, when we turn the disco ball on. WE DO NOT TAKE REQUESTS
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