Deep Fried #14 with Patrice Scott, DJ Spider, Spunky & Wittes

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    MDF Floor: Patrice Scott [Sistrum Recordings, Detroit] DJ Spider [Plan B Recordings, New York City] Spunky [Uncanny Valley, Dresden] Schoppen Wittes [Deep Fried, Berlin]
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  • Its time to get Deep Fried again! Sistrum boss Patrice Scott will be showing up once more to spread some Detroit vibes while Bronx-bred DJ Spider brings the darker sides of contemporary New York House. His Plan B imprint is one of most hotly tipped East Coast labels, featuring mainly own stuff under countless monikers as well as from Chicago fellaz Amir Alexander and Hakim Murphy (who will play his Berlin debut at Deep Fried in spring 2013). Also on the bill are Dresden's most wanted Spunky of Uncanny Valley and Deep Frieds inimitable host Wittes. After a successful year its time to say goodbye 2012 - one more reason to say a big THANK YOU... to all guest artists: Kyle Hall, Tony Lionni, Brothers' Vibe, A Guy Called Gerald, Spunky, Snuff Crew, Massimiliano Pagliara, K'Alexi, Oskar Offermann, Till von Sein, Maurice Fulton, Iron Curtis, Chymera, Matthew Styles, DJ Pete, Sven Weisemann, Adam Marshall, Jerome Sydenham, Kez YM, Barbara Preisinger, Marc Schneider, Red Rack'em, Efdemin, Zander VT, Soulphiction, The Analogue Cops, Blake Baxter, Lady Blacktronika, Dinky, Sammy Dee, Giles Smith, Elbee Bad, San Soda, Andy Blake, Pakalolo Soundlab also all supporters.. Oye Records, Melting Point, Audio Inn, Hardwax, Bln.FM, Beatrausch, De-Bug, RA, Twen.FM, Edelmat, Burgermeister not to forget about blank and Loftus Hall (and their lovely staff!!!) and of course YOU, THE CROWD - BECAUSE YOU MAKE THE PARTY AND THAT'S WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT!