Mooch 4th Birthday Feat. Tom Ruijg [Hot Waves]

  • MOOCH 4TH Birthday Bash!! £5/8 Early Bird Tickets - 4 years in the making… 48 months, 39 DJs, 29 parties, 8 photographers, 4 venues, 3 door girls, 2 residents, 1 graphic designer and last but certainly not least: You! The collective of friendly faces who've been throwing shapes with us to some of the finest underground talent House n Techno has to offer. MOOCH HQ feels extremely blessed to have met so many amazing people along the way, it's really been a blast!! 2013 is already looking sweet with some awesome line ups in the pipeline and a brand new EP from Mooch Recordings, as always keep it locked… So what better way to pump up the birthday jam at our rave cave Basing House, than to invite Amsterdam’s hottest export to date… Get ready for a heads down, sleazy, tech-fest with…. Tom Ruijg [Hot Waves / Bangbang! / Karat Records] Tom Ruijg's story of how and why he became an artist is somewhat of a fairytail. After spending a big part of his teenage life on the dancefloor, Tom picked up DJ'ing in 2007 and a year later he started producing. Getting instant acknowledgment from Amsterdam house artists like Boris Werner, Tom released two remixes shortly after. His first solo 12" followed early in 2010 on BangBang! It was an instant hit and BangBang! decided to sign him for two more singles. Starting to play live aside from DJ'ing Tom became more and more versatile and respected. Now, some years later with a full 12" on Karat hitting the stores and tracks on one of the world's hottest labels (Hot Creations), Tom's future is as bright as ever. Blowing the Birthday candles out on the night trusty residents Natalie Coleman & Ed Jones will be in charge of dishing out techno bumps to all the MOOCH familiar.... x
  • Mooch 4th Birthday Feat. Tom Ruijg [Hot Waves] - Flyer front