The Apocalypse Party with Joakim & Jacques Renault

  • AGE: 21+ PRE-SALE: This winter at Cameo Gallery, expect the unexpected...the end of the world that is. The 21st day of December in 2012 marks the end of the mayan calendar and we can’t think of a better way to go down than to party down. We’re flying in the French electro-jazz electronic experimentalist, Joakim (tigersushi) to curate a soundtrack to end all. But before this all happens, the NYC disco king, Jacques Renault (OTP, Let’s Play House) will take the stage and keep the night moving. So before the Apocalypse takes place, we’ll ask one question...where will you be? Joakim: Joakim is truly one of those Producer/DJ’s that’s just so hard to pin down. With a background in classical music, he was soon turned onto electronic composition after a schoolfriend left his synthesizer in his room. Since then, Joakim has released countless records on Versatile and his own Tigersushi imprint. Drifting anywhere from electro and jazz, to italo disco and funk, his variety keeps the dance floor shaking at any hour. With a fourth LP, “Nothing Gold” out last year and the stand out sprawling single, Forever Young; this parisian will take you to the end of the world and back again. Jacques Renault: The reigning champion of Nu Disco and House music in NYC and beyond, Jacques Renault has been a staple to the scene. It started with good friend Marcos Cabral and their collaborative group Runaway, before eventually forming the Brooklyn born On The Prowl Records. Since then Mr. Renault has gone on to release countless tracks on Let’s Play House Records including hosting numerous all nighters with friend Nik Mercer. You can find this record obsessive spinning anything from deep house and disco to early 90’s acid and techno on any given night of the week in countries near and far.
  • The Apocalypse Party with Joakim & Jacques Renault - Flyer front