Lost Baggage feat. Alex Smoke & Matthias Tanzmann

  • 10 – 9 bla bla 3 – 2 - 1 LIFT OFF .......Ground control to Major Tom... Now beam me up C*nty! JUST when you thought couldn't get any higher........the bags have gone to SPACE!! We would like to welcome in a new epoch of Baggage Lostness. New heights of piss take, spastication and all ground chronic excess with a space dash and of course a moon panache. Little girl’s next door, MOON-BOOT wearing slutty ho’s, tattoed tuff guys with a soft core, NiNo astronautas, straight fucks, gay cunts, yep all of you misfits who the church has given up on.......all you techno loving space-cadets......whatever category you fall in to we really don’t care.......ur invited because the only reason your are reading this is probably because you are sick of looking at that stupid computer screen for a living and are DYING for some TECHNO THERAPY!!!!! WELL WE HAVE THE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!! Get off yo azz GET LOOSE!!! DRESS THE FUCK UP!!!!! SMASH YOURSELF PROPER!!! We are goin to the STARS and the MILKY WAYS are on us!!!!! Sound familiar? Yeah I ripped that line off but it fkn worked right so how bout that! LOST BAGGAGE presents LOST IN SPACE 3 May 2008 Headlining this event we have 2 of the world's premier tech producers grinding out sonic joy for hours and hours until feet hurt ouch. But good ouch because you will get home and smile on you couch next day with fanciful reveriue at the joy of the nite before as you were stomping crazy mad fuck in astronaut suit etcetera stop......did we mention that we like techno? Ah yes and it’s a dress up party like moon units, space crust, saturn rings, ugg boots with a Pluto splash maybe, rocket head-piece or space goggles may be the order of the mission. Alex Smoke [ SoMA] From the sunny shores of Glasgow. That would make him Galswegian ya!! (just felt like sayin that) Matthias Tanzmann [Poker Flat] [Germany] From the even sunnier fmr Eastern Bloc holiday resort of LEIPZIG!!!! fkn yeh mate Leep-Zig it up!!!! In support we have insignificant local DJs who we wont forget to mention because you care who they are anyway. see above But we will announce when we know. Up ya gutz Over and Out The Lost baggs
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