Onemore NYE with Radio Slave & Tiefschwarz

  • This NYE OneMore will be carrying you to the next year with a MASSIVE line up, joining two of electronic music's heavy weights such as RADIO SLAVE and TIEFSCHWARZ (Ali)... Both of them came to OneMore during 2012 to perform at some of the best and most memorable OneMore events to date... 2012 has been an amazing year for us... We kicked off 2012 with our friends at WYS hosting room2 at fabric for what was the most successful NYD party to date! After that we have seen a constant growth in our line ups back in our Hearn St Car Park home, along side a massive increase in overall support from all of YOU people! Of course it is all about having a [email protected]*~ING good party and we make every effort to make sure that we always provide the best settings for you to have that [email protected]+#ING good party every single time you come to OneMore!! So we are more than happy to have Tiefschwarz AND Radio Slave back to kick off a OneMore 2013 which will be full of amazing surprises for all of you... We are already half way through 2013's bookings and we can't wait to announce the rest of the GIANTS we have secured to come to our Car Park... RADIO SLAVE Radio Slave aka Matt Edwards needs introduction. Radio Slave began in 2000 as a duo comprised of Matt Edwards and Serge Santiago, and they gained early recognition for their quickly churned-out bootleg electro-house remixes of a variety of artists, including Nancy Sinatra, Kylie Minogue, Busta Rhymes, and Limp Bizkit. After about 30 remixes, Santiago left in 2002 to pursue his own path, leaving Edwards in sole control of the Radio Slave name. It wasn't until 2006 that the Radio Slave moniker would start being used on releases of totally original work, mostly through Edwards' own REKIDS label. In the next few years, with their mishmashes of old-school house and minimal techno stylings, tracks like "My Bleep," "Modena," "Screaming Hands," and "Bell Clap Dance" would become underground dancefloor staples and gain mostly positive critical notices, turning Edwards into one of the most respected electronic dance music producers of the second half of the 2000s. TIEFSCHWARZ (Ali) Their earliest productions were released on the Continuemusics label in 1997, and their first taste of a well-respected label was with their Music track on Francois Kevorkian's Wave Music label in 1999. The team released their first album, RAL9005 on the Four Music label in 2001, which was later licensed to Derrick Carter and Luke Solomon's Classic Recordings label. In 2006, they released a mix of their own for the Fabric (London) mix series. Their sound is considered, at least by those who have followed them from their Classic days, to have changed somewhat over the last few years. Instead of their original deep, mellow house, Tiefschwarz now represent a gritty and edgy electro house sound, their more recent tracks gaining recognition from the likes of Ivan Smagghe, Touché, Sasha and Danny Howells. Tickets for OneMore NYE are on sale on RA alternatively you can add your names via the guest-list facility on our website. Let's start 2013 in style!!
  • Onemore NYE with Radio Slave & Tiefschwarz - Flyer front