• The vinyl has left, balloons deflated and the dancers have dispersed The Key but it was a beautiful and ever magical parting as Need2Soul bid adieu to the Kings Cross Freight Depot. Happy New Year and a warm welcome to all the excellent parties yet to come! To kick start 2008 we’ve put together a very special collaborated event between the most profound house artists, the Prince of soul, Peven Everett and the King of grooves, Mr Glenn Crocker ‘Glenn Underground’. Fresh for the New Year Need2Soul invite live PA Daisy Villa to accompany Glenn in a performance of his latest release ‘Rize’. Lately Glenn has been working with Daisy closely and out of this current partnership will showcase the next Need2Soul subscription. Peven conveys music in almost every way; he is a multi-instrumentalist (playing nine instruments), vocalist, writer, producer and dancer. Get ready for a startling performance. At a very young age Peven decided to tour with jazz artists Betty Carter and Brandford and Winton Marsalis ending up in New York where he continued on his jazz career including performances at Blue Note, Sweet Basil and Smalls and featuring on trumpet in an album by Curtis Lundy. In the late nineties Peven started working with house producers and recorded his debut solo album. Out of this period came ‘Gabriel’ a collaboration with Roy Davis Jnr; which hit the dance market with a prolific blow. Many reproductions ensured a definitive and celebrated existence within the UK garage scene and worldwide deep house society. Following this release came more enormously successful dance records, casting Peven into the role of house icon. Glenn Underground’s early musical atmosphere was soaked in the very best jazz, soul, funk and disco. With many family members musicians and being a native Chicagoan Glenn existed as a kid in a toy shop when house music was born. In the early eighties he began expressing his love for rhythm and soul, fostering the house scene and priming his masterful music commentary. Later that decade he would begin producing and promoting his own pieces of music which set the tone for a truly astonishing and inspirational producer going to work on hundreds of magnificent records. Rap Saunders our ever trusted house resident will commit himself to giving you the latest underground music whilst warming our bodies up for a real Chicago workout!
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