Adeptlabel Night

  • Adeptlabel Night at Switch Bar / Barcelona First Label Night of Adeptlabel featuring Tarmac, El Fulminador and Utopyk Jones. Uninterrupted liquid transitions between Dub, House and Techno. Adeptlabel is a new platform for creative electronic music. The label started early in 2012 and soon gained a reputation due to its precise selection of fine high quality music ranging from Dub and Techno to Experimental and Ambient. LINE UP - Tarmac (DJ Set) - El Fulminador (Live Set) - Utopyk Jones (Live Vocals) Tarmac is a producer, remixer and mastering engineer based in Barcelona. As the spirit of Adeptlabel, he has been releasing tracks full of evolving sound and pumping rhythm. His work can be heard and downloaded from the label website: El Fulminador is an Argentinean artist based in Berlin who has been producing house, techno and experimental tracks with a deep and dark atmosphere. More information here: Utopyk Jones is a Spanish singer and performer also based in Berlin that will give flow to the sets with live vocals. Her performances on stage mix acting and contemporary dance with singing and spoken word. Give a listen to the links below and feel free to download Adeptlabel's music now!
  • Adeptlabel Night - Flyer front