Club Transmediale: Generator.x 2.0 - Audio-Visual

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    Alexander Rishaug & Marius Watz [NO] / Keiichiro Shibuya [JP] / Alva Noto [DE] "xerrox"
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  • This evening of concerts, is part of the Generator.x 2.0 project at CTM.08, and presents three projects that use generative methods in their audio-visual live performances. Their work is based on program code that integrates processes that develop over time autonomously. Music and image are therefore not "composed" in the usual sense of the word; the artists at most structure audio and visual output but without determining its every detail. The visual and acoustic material available to them is not pre-processed; it exists rather, only as matter to be subjected to and modified by certain development principles and rules of transformation in real time. Therefore chance and stochastic processes are major factors, while images can be mapped on audio parameters, and vice versa. Alongside Alexander Rishaugïs audio miniatures in interaction with Marius Watzts drawing machines and Japanese, Keiichiro Shibuyabs digital Noise based on cellular automata, Carsten Nicolai aka alva noto will present his new project, "xerrox", in which he explores the artistic potential and unpredictable results of copy processes. Nicolai demonstrates that the act of copying is itself a source of interesting, artistically valuable mistakes and mutations that permit each new generation of a copy to further liberate itself from the original and ultimately become an independent artwork with new meaning. In "xerrox" alva noto works exclusively with samples of Muzak M the wraparound sound ubiquitous in department stores, advertising, film scores and entertainment software o yet uses his own specially developed copying techniques to alter its melodic (micro-)structures beyond recognition.
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