Space Is The Place Pres. Teebs

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    Teebs, Wooshie, Tobio, Sofie Loizou, Prize
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  • Space Is The Place is back with the return of a very special guest, TEEBS. Music can, quite literally, come to us by accident. A skateboarding injury took Teebs away from the parks, forcing him to focus on art. Before long, he had made a name for himself as a skilful painter. Bursting with dazzling colours, energy and form, his artworks could be found on canvases of every size, walls and covers for discs. From painting, Teebs then moved smoothly into the world of music.At the start of his musical adventure, Teebs joined a collective of friends and producers who called themselves “My Hollow Drum”. Working within this crew allowed him to develop fresh ideas and perfect his production technique. By now he was fully immersed in music and art, moving in a creative milieu alongside local artistes he greatly admired. The creation of Ardour spans the two major periods in his life. After losing his job and finding himself with little or no money, Teebs moved into the same premises as Flying Lotus, sharing an apartment with fellow Brainfeeder artiste Samiyam. This is where Ardour began to take shape. Two years in the preparation, Ardour clearly illustrates the road Teebs has travelled. What he wants to convey, even more than the music, is a feeling. The notion of hearing THE thing you really love, the moment you know how truly special it is. As such, Ardour is considered to represent a vital contribution to the ever-increasing puzzle that is Los Angeles. Joining Teebs, we have Melbourne artist Wooshie and Sydney local Tobio, alongside residents Sofie Loizou and Prize.
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