Bleed presents Heatsick, Konx-Om-Pax & Lee Gamble

  • BleeD presents a complementary two-parter, with a matinee show featuring Konx-Om-Pax and Lee Gamble, and a club-show headlined by a 90 minute Heatsick live set. KONX-OM-PAX | aka Tom Scholefield has become one of the leading animators, directors and illustrators operating in Glasgow today. From running Techno and Acid nights at the legendary Club 69 in Paisley he moved to Glasgow for artschool. In that time Tom would ignore briefs and competitions to make music promos for Jamie Liddell, or he would be recording classical music to cd-rs and then drawing on the bottom of them and recording how it made them skip. In the past few years, Tom has not stopped, establishing his own studio and label for experimental noise records ‘Display Copy’ alongside his numerous music promo videos, sleeves and visuals for Warp, Mogwai, Underground Resistance, OneohtrixPointNever, Hyperdub, Advanced Beauty and LuckyMe. LEE GAMBLE | Gamble is a UK artist with a somewhat schizophrenic musical history: jungle was his bread and butter for years, until he abruptly grew bored with it and threw himself head first into the world of academic experimental music. These days he finds himself drifting between the two, something that's immediately clear on his recent EP, Diversions 1994-1996, a dark and mostly beatless record composed entirely out of samples from old jungle cassette mixtapes, that RA, for one, have been raving about - ****** HEATSICK | With new EP releases on PAN and Rush Hour nudging closer than ever on wax to the repetetive rapture of his live show, and with the fun-seekers of Unsound still reeling in ecstatic shock following the premiere for his A/V show-with-a-difference “Extended Play...”, it’s high time to diagnose yourrself Heatsick. Battering a solitary Casio through a myriad of effects, looping up a coarse, crisp and twinkling out-house music into a wonderfully queasy eternity, teasing out melodic and rhythmic mantras to an off-kilter, Burroughsian effect that WINS on the floor and never forgets to be lo-fi fun(k). DJs - Volte-Face, Lee Gamble & Public Information
  • Bleed presents Heatsick, Konx-Om-Pax & Lee Gamble - Flyer front
    Bleed presents Heatsick, Konx-Om-Pax & Lee Gamble - Flyer back