Fricoti feat Mir

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    Mir, Kasteniede
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  • Kasteniede: A trip to Europe in early 2000 as changed his vision of electronic music. He then, learned more about the impact of this music in every european capitals he visits. Drum-playing soon passed to the art of Dj-ing to fulfill is thirst of beat matching and rythms. Ever since, he obsessively collect electronic music records and he is constantly searching for quality beats around the world. His passion lead him to inspire people about musics that is driven by emotions, energy and soul. Percussive, deep and minimal techno music are his all-time favorites. Mir: Mir c'est Christian Miron AKA CCBonk, musicien autodidacte qui flirte avec la musique électrtonique depuis plus de quinze ans. Comme dj, il a joué à Mutek, Champ Libre, la SAT, les Piknic Electronik, Bily Kun, Laïka, le Café De Lima. Sa sensibilité musicale peut être contagieuse. Aussi derrière les soirées P.A.R.C et Frichti, un des membres de Dj Orchestra. Christian Miron is flirting with electronic music for more than 15 years now playing as a dj and producer at the Mutek Festival, the SAT Mix Sessions, the Piknic Electronik..... A member of the PARC, Parallaxe and Dj Orchestra collectives. He's a part of the 2007 Mutek festival lineup as CC Bonk at the Cafe Electronica.
  • Fricoti feat Mir - Flyer front