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    Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
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  • It’s these sort of astute observations on the human condition and keen self-awareness that set this effort apart. That reality, coupled with Ryan Lewis’ vast, daring and layered production, makes The Heist a truly beautiful album that challenges musical boundaries. - XXL Niche Productions is proud to announce the debut Australian tour of a truly unique voice in Rap. With an astute, intelligent and creative sensibility, plus the kind of hooks that Hip Hop has been hanging out for for years, we present Seattle duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Macklemore aka Ben Haggerty works with Ryan Lewis (producer), Andrew Joslyn (violin), Owour Arunga (trumpet), Zach Fleury (drums, guitar, bass), and Noah Goldberg (piano) to create a wholly rich and satisfying brand of Rap music. Macklemore released his debut album titled 'The Heist' on October 9th 2012, which reached #1 on iTunes in the US and #1 on the Australian iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap Charts. Growing up on Capitol Hill in Seattle, Washington, Macklemore attended Garfield and Nathan Hale High Schools and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree at The Evergreen State College. Interested in reaching a younger generation through his music, he took a job at a juvenile-detention facility. There, he was a part of a program called “Gateways,” which was organized around rap. Macklemore recorded an EP titled Open Your Eyes in 2000 under the name Professor Macklemore, which he distributed himself. Macklemore dropped "Professor" from his name, and released his first official full-length album, The Language of My World in January 2005. In September 2009, he released The Unplanned Mixtape. In October 2010, he teamed up with DJ Ryan Lewis to create the VS. Redux EP. Macklemore used his experience with substance abuse to create the mixtape's critically acclaimed song "Otherside," which samples the Red Hot Chili Peppers song of the same name. Proving that interesting and intelligent voices can find an audience without label support, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are paving the way for a new generation of artists and gaining attention from a wide variety of press including Hip Hop heavyweights XXL and left-slanted major American news argent Huffington Post. Don’t miss these shows, they are destined to be special; the first glance at an artist poised to take the world by storm. Watch the video for ‘Thrift Shop’ - Watch the video for ‘Same Love’ - XXL Review – 16th Feburary, 2013 – The Corner - Melbourne Tickets:
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