Detroit Public Radio with Chicago's Jamal Moss

  • Venue
    The Music Box
    • 65 Oxford Street; Manchester; Lancashire; M1 6EQ; United Kingdom
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  • Promoter
    Chumps Inc.
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    Jamal Moss
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  • One of the last DJ's to be inspired by the late Ron Hardy and chicago's seminal Music Box nightclub. Jamal has gone under many different guises through the years, African's With Mainframes, Hierogliphic Being... and has recorded for many a label, Mathematics Records, Axis, SameSoulDifferentBody Imprint. More recently, his Members Only edits, directly inspired by Ron Hardy's mashups, have been causing dancefloor chaos for the more deeper house heads. Jamals DJ sets, and mainly the Sample:reForm mix series became famous for being live, rough and analog. He used belt drive decks, MPC samplers alongside drum machines and effects mixing techno, disco and classic loft party anthems, often re-editing tracks live. Mentored by the likes of Adornis and Armando, this is a chance to see a real legend, and a rare breed of DJ that is dying out fast. Info/tickets: [email protected]
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