Berlin, Quelque Part

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    Feed Soundspace
    • Hobrechstrasse 65; Neukölln; 12047 Berlin; Germany
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    FEED SoundspaceInitiative Neue Musik Berlin eV
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    STEVEN WARWICK a.k.a. Heatsick (DJ SET) Andrea Belfi RADICAL ANIMATION & MUSIC SCREENINGS Berlin Qulque Part: KRISTOF GUEZ video CHRIS HEENAN contrabass clarinet MARC PICHELIN synth & phonography CHRISTOPER WILLIAMS contrabass
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  • BERLIN QUELQUE PART is a collaboration between Marc Pichelin and Kristof Guez of the French phonography / visual art collective Ouïe/Dire, and Berlin-based musicians Chris Heenan and Christopher Williams. The project consists of an hour-long collage of audio and video field recordings made in Berlin, with instrumental music for contrabass, contrabass clarinet, and synthesizer – performed both in the recorded environment, and as live accompaniment to the collage. READ MORE ANDREA BELFI drums, precussion, electronics “Wege is an astonishing album, created in part from two installation residencies in Austria and Brussels, for which Belfi developed a series of modular synth networks controlled by his percussion performances. A complex interwiring of mechanical and rhythmic devices that autonomously generated feedback and loop patterns whilst being restrained and guided by Belfi’s drumming.” Squealer magazine READ MORE Presents WEGE, his last solo album released oy 2012 by ROOM40 STEVEN WARWICK a.k.a. HEATSICK (DJ SET) Steven Warwick a.k.a. Heatsick [pan, rush hour, cocktail d'amore] plays a rare dj set bridging the gaps between dance and early electronic music, dancefloors of desire. READ MORE RADICAL ANIMATION & MUSIC SCREENINGS RAM 2012 | Curated by Audition Records and Salon Bruit e.V. Animations by JULIO CLAVIJO (MX) · ALESSANDRA LEONE (IT) · BEST BEFORE UNU (GR) · NAMTES (PE) · REDSHIFT (SE) · NZNZ (AR) THE NORDIC SWORD FIGHTS (US) Music by ROGELIO SOSA (MX) · EMITER & ARSYZN (PL) · ANTONIS ANISSEGOS (GR) · LOUP (FR) · FREDRIK OLOFSSON (SE) · OFER SMILANSKY (IL) JORGE SAD (AR) == Organized and curated by Julian Bonequi. BERLIN, QUELQUE PART is kindly supported by INM, Senat von Berlin, Agence Culturelle Dordogne Perigord & Region Aquitaine France. == FEED Soundspace Hobrechtsraße 65 | Hinterhaus, Etage 4 12047 Berlin-Neukölln U-Bahnhof Hermannplatz Handicap Accessible [email protected]