P L 0 T & Pickle present Life and Death - Art Basel Weekend

  • "It's Not Between Us and Them" A Life and Death event by PL0T & The Electric Pickle From December 6th to 9th, Miami will host the 11th annual edition of Art Basel during Art Week, one of the biggest and most popular art gatherings worldwide and the most prestigious art show in the Americas. It's surprising that as pioneers in featuring audio-visual club experiences, PL0T is yet to curate an event during this important week. It was never because of lack of interest or opportunity, but rather because there was never a window for innovation, a chance to produce something different; a show of magnitude that would allow for an experience big enough to bear PL0T's name. This year is different, the window is there. This year will be huge! On December 7th PL0T will team up with acclaimed label LIFE AND DEATH and The Electric Pickle to present its first ever original event production during Art Basel: "It's Not Between Us and Them", starting TALE OF US, DJ TENNIS, THUGFUCKER and more! Unusual and improbable events in the universe have compelled the founders of Life and Death label to embark upon the creation of a rare experience and explore the wonders and raw emotions of life and death. Based also on the vision of bringing the strange and undisguised sounds of the label to full sensory dimension, this 10 hour affair shall not resemble a conventional club night nor yet another label showcase; experiments in the form of visual installations and video art will be part of the physical transformations to The Electric Pickle's three main performance areas, all of which will be equipped with cutting edge sound systems to ensure that patrons and art enthusiasts alike will enjoy the full spectrum of this exquisite multi-sensory experience. ___________________________ IT'S NOT BETWEEN US AND THEM - A LIFE AND DEATH EVENT BY PL0T & THE ELECTRIC PICKLE Featuring: TALE OF US DJ TENNIS THUGFUCKER and more... with ALEJANDRO SAB WILL RENUART DEC 7th - ART BASEL WEEK At The Electric Pickle Ticket information: Genera Admision tears: Admission to the patio and downstairs - artists will perform since early in the day on the outside which will be curated by your hosts and Life and Death First Release $10 Second Release $15 Third Release $25 VIP Admision tears: All access Admision (reserved spot for the Bolero room) + Life and Death goodie bag First Release $35 Second Release $45 Third Release $50 For those who purchased early bird GA tickets - prior to 11/12/10 - and will like to upgrade to the VIP tear the first release price will be granted the day of the event. Tickets will also be available at the door the day of the event. We will hold space for pre-sale ticket holders only until 1am. If you arrive after 1am, you will be admitted based on capacity... on a first come, first serve basis. For press and ticket information: [email protected]
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