Lost Baggage feat. Aril Brikha & Joris Voorn

  • 20 March Bollywood Bonanza - Revenge of the Dubinda Is that a Tandoori Loin Chop in your hand or are you just glad to see me........well well well, it had to happen really, LOST BAGGAGE Bollywood edition. Tikka Tikka Boooooooom!!!!!!!!!!!! We are making it easier every month for you to dress up for Lost Baggage. This month our bags have strayed off to INDIA. Wack on ya turban, splash ur sari round that Size 8 waist (well maybe 10 then) and start shakin ur head yo azz and talkin shit like Manmeat Tenderbasher as we prepare for the BIGGEST BADDEST LOST BAGAAAAAAJ on record. EASTER THURSDAY 20 MARCH 2008 Not only are you going to be transported to the sub-continent and sprayed with Vindaloo sauce, you will also be treated to the toppest notchest artists known to human-kind. We CAN tell you that electronic music maestro Aril Brikha from Sweden will be headlining the Bump Lounge this month. In the main room, we have confirmed an absolutely MASSIVE international act who you will all be familiar with. We cannot announce who they are but TRUST US you will not be disappointed. As if that wasn't enuff, for dessert we are throwing in our very famed sweet as mango lassy STRAWBERRY BOOGIE TERRACE (name is gay we know)....Just for good measure and relief from all the STEAMING HOT TECHNO in the other rooms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As well as offering one of the only smoking terraces in the whole of King's Cross, we are offering the best infusion of Wonky Disco DJs and dusty record afficionados this town has to offer. Think guys that have played for creamy underground Disco parties like Paradise Lost and Disco Not Disco. Seriously good cosmic disco action!!!Mmmmmmmmm!!! These guys are all half man half disco biscuit....so be prepared. Phewww out of breath so get off ur arses and come for fk sake. Brought to you by the LOST BAGGS......... Aaaaaaaarghhhhhhhhhhh.........
  • Lost Baggage feat. Aril Brikha & Joris Voorn - Flyer front
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