Lgdz - 001 Release Party mit Musk

  • LGDZ-001 was probably the best kept secret over the last months. Only a handful of DJs had the track and were playing it. But now it's time to release that badboy. "925" by MUSK comes on 180g of Vinyl only. No MP3 bullshitting - we take this stuff seriously. Getting Beaportfame? Fuck that. Getting played by some Traktor-DJs? Fuck that. Making Money with a release? Fuck that. Come to our Release Party and celebrate bankruptcy. We drink until we forget our bank-balance... Our great friend Moomin will go back to his roots for one night and starts the night playing some true hiphop. Not that new auto-tune-crap, he's giving us the real deal. His DJing is followed by a short live-set by the one half of MUSK where you can get a first impression of what awaits you with LGDZ-002 and then there is the big finale with the other half of MUSK playing House and Disco until we've danced the night away
  • Lgdz - 001 Release Party mit Musk - Flyer front