The Gallery

  • Friday 8th February sees The Gallery team up with one of its favourite DJs John 00 Fleming to bring you a main room psy-trance festival of talent from across the globe. John in recent years has bridged successfully the gap between the psy-trance crowds who have been rocking and raving to their favourite sons and daughters for years and the curious trance and western European clubbers who have had their attention drawn to this sound and its producers and DJs. Having been one of the first clubs to bring the likes of Yahel and to have supported John over the years in his push into this new sound, weïre proud to be bringing a whole host of talent together for one exclusive night at Turnmills. Astral Projection is a name known across dance music worldwide. Firmly embedded into the scene and stalwarts of the psy-trance sound, theyeve been consistent releasers of hugely successful albums and compilations whilst touring the world relentlessly to showcase their sound. Whether it be a live set or DJing they have a discography the length of a motorway to draw upon and are perfect headliners for such an event jetting in from Tel Aviv just for the occasion. DJ Yahel first came to our attention here when Vaccine brought him to town for their collaboration party with The Gallery back in September 2006. Someone with an enormous pedigree in the trance scene including Tiesto and Armin m who loved anthems such as cDevotionD, he is now firmly rooted in the psy-trance sound but has proved to be a popular guest at The Gallery returning several times to critical acclaim. Preferring to re-edit and remix most tracks for his DJ sets, Yahel is one of those DJs to have to witness and a perfect addition to this line-up. John 00 Fleming has long been one of those DJs truly respected across the dance music world for his honesty, integrity and dare we say damn good taste in music. Whether it be the White Label Euphoria CDs that broke the mould, his outspoken views on dance music (much of which everyone is thinking, but too afraid to say) or his relentless gig diary to all corners of the world... John is a legend in our eyes and the chance to hook up with him and do this event was something we jumped at. His J00F imprint continues to push the sounds of new artists and Johnss passion is evident from his radio shows to his compilations (watch out for two this year!!) Joining him to complete the main room is another of his favourite talents the production machine that is Wizzy Noise. A name that pops up in tracklistings from the most underground psy-trance exponents to main stream trance DJs, this is a rare chance to see them in action. Completing the main room will be Gallery resident Gavyn Mytchel and early door warm up is courteous of Mark Myers. T2 welcomes back the Kollective known as The Kidz Kollective for another one of their mad but utterly enjoyable and very busy T2 sessions. Returning with the legendary trio of Strawberry K, Fat Tony (yes he of Trade fame!) and the ever welcome Craig Daniels from Trax Records, this promises to be one of those T2 sessions we have come to know and love. Go on do it for the Kidz! T3 welcomes Vaccine to cherry pick yet more new talent from across the globe in their pursuit of trance perfection. This month sees anthem maker JOOP make a very long awaited debut on these shores. His track .The Future came to be one of the biggest of 2007 and he is truly one to watch. Joined by another UK debut in the shape of Sied van Riel; another producer from the Spinnin stable and making his debut at Trance Energy he will be joining resident The Viceroy and local talent Dan Ascherl and Showdown for another hands in the air session!