Tuna Park

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    Tresor: Xhin (Stroboscopic Artefacts, CLR, Ibadan/ Singapur) Pfirter (CLR, Stockholm LTD, Stroboscopic Artefacts/ Argentinien) Milton Bradley (Do Not Resist The Beat/ Berlin) +4Bar: Neovinyl Labelnight Live: Carlo (Neovinyl, Good Ratio Music/ Malaga) Live: Fjaak (Drive/ Berlin) Maik Yells (Neovinyl, Siteholder/ Malaga) Cleov (Neovinyl, Drive/ Berlin)
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  • Xhin (pronounced as "sheen") has been crafting ominous cuts of cutting-edge electronic music since 1997. Building a forte in sound design, he is best described as a sound futurist. His identical rhythmic structure and compositional techniques which incorporate elements of techno, tight sub bass, ambient and IDM delivers a hint of chaotic soundscape amidst artistry. A Singaporean by birth and residence, Xhin independently released "Xycle", a self-promotional ep that made the industry to stand up to take notice, in early 2003. He then followed with his debut album, "Supersonicstate" the following year, and in 2006 found himself joing German labels Stroboscopic Artefacts and Meerestief. Also from the Stroboscopc Artefacts label, Pfirter is one of the main icons of the electronic scene in South America. After more than a decade of a solid career, Juan Pablo has developed a very unique and personal style, mainly because of his very particular set, based on many subgenres of Techno. Pfirter is nowadays considered one of the argentinian DJs with the biggest international projection, with releases on labels as CLR, Stockholm Ltd, Figure, Synewave and his own music plattform, MindTrip Music, among others. Milton Bradly’s DJ sets vary from dark experimental techno to the deepest industrial sounds and the most iridescent textures, fully encompassing the last 20 years of musical history. His collaboration with artist Henning Baer for 'K209' and is dark sub-label 'The End of All Existence' show that this international DJ provides true enigmatic insurgency, heavy and atmospheric productions that aid in the construction of complex promenades that have been hosted on not just his own imprints, but with other well-respected labels. Upstairs in the +4Bar the Neovinyl label takes over the floor for a dedication party. Neovinyl Recordings is based in Barcelona and its personality is based on the equilibrium among the concepts: innovation, work, humility and tolerance from plural points of view. Invited tonight are artists Carlo and Maik Yells from Malaga, and Fjaak and Cleov from Berlin. FB: http://www.facebook.com/events/284289188350345/
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