Heineken Music presents John Digweed

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    1.John Digweed 2.Joyce Mercedes 3.Cbass & Mikbone 4.Khaled Hussein 5.Omar Samir Heineken Thirst Finalists 1.Amir Sharara 2.Cheetos 3.Jungar Inetrnational Show : 1.Phonix and the drummers Light Jockey : Hat // Ultra Feast Miami Visual Jockey : Gecko // Austria
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  • When: Thursday 31st January 2008 - Doors open at 08:00pm Where: 8th Floor @ CityStars Heliopolis How: Tickets are brought from any " Drinkies " Branch! Who: Ranked 3rd Worlwide [JOHN DIGWEED] Tickets are out on the 15th of January 2008'
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