We Fear Silence present Blueprint: Robert Hood, James Ruskin, Mark Broom

  • After Jeff Mills contributed to a truly prolific techno spectacle here at Cable in August, We Fear Silence & Blueprint keep the momentum going by drafting in the services of another bona fide legend, Detroit's Robert Hood. This affair is also a fitting progression to it's former in the Blueprint series, as Hood was a founding member of Underground Resistance Records alongside Jeff Mills. Saturday 17th November Should be a date carved in the diary for even the most discerning techno disciple. In the early nineties, the streets of Detroit witnessed a congregation of electronic music enthusiasts whose forthcoming actions helped change the face of modern techno and spark a creative revolution. Hood along with Mills and Mike Banks, created the perennial Underground Resistance imprint as an output for their experimental productions which were a potent fusion of acid & industrial sounds, Chicago house and Detroit techno. He continued through the mid nineties with pivotal works for Mills’ Axis label and his own label M-Plant, leading the way for the stripped-down dance floor minimalism that further shaped the global techno landscape. The man will perform his highly regarded live show which is infamous for being raw, industrial and relentless. Blending vintage tracks with more contemporary works such as his 2010 LP 'Omega', Hood forms original and previously unheard grooves adding an element of mystery to the dance floor. Of course label boss James Ruskin will will be on hand, as will Blueprint stalwart Mark Broom, as the pair perform individual sets before joining forces as The Fear Ratio. In terms of their work as a pair, Broom and Ruskin have released several tracks together with the more recent cuts falling under The Fear Ratio moniker. November will be the duo's Blueprint debut adding another reason to head to Cable for this momentous showcase of authentic techno. Couple with this a Colony hosted second room and the date is complete.
  • We Fear Silence present Blueprint: Robert Hood, James Ruskin, Mark Broom - Flyer front