Local Authority with Adam X, Bill Kouligas & Skirt

  • Local Authority - With prior art exhibition from Zeke Clough - In attempt to aid the general malaise that descends upon the winter months, we bring everyone under the darkness. As the catatonic London scene continues to freeze over, a light must break through the ice. - It appears to us that clubbing has largely become a physically hedonistic pursuit, each night contained within itself for a short 8 hours of pleasure. There is nothing wrong with that, but we have grown tired of the rigor surrounding these events. A great song is a great song, even greater depending on the context it is put in. Yet very few nights have tried to create an overall narrative, to draw the lines between genres and ideas, no matter how close or sparse they might be. Our first event looks at the influence of industrial and noise music on Techno, which in our view, currently owes more to both genres then it does to the halycon days of house or detroit. Each artist has been carefully picked to offer there own voice within the narrative. Perhaps you can make the connections yourself? Over the course of the night you'll see the narrative we have chosen, the noise, dub and drone influenced analogue improvisations of Ekoplekz, Mordant Music and Vindicatrix to Bill and Powell's defining take on dance music, incorporating elements beyond the veil and even further then that. Two truly unique artists that will no doubt influence artists years from with their abstract approach. All bought together by the rugged and dominating techno of Skirt and Adam X, showing how all of these sounds have become accepted and taken a hold on the dancefloor. All of which will be accompanied by artwork provided by the infamous Zeke Clough. His work is the perfect visual representation for all music within, abstract yet clearly defined. There is something to be seen, but what that is is up to you. Ultimately our aim is to create a platform to explore music again within its own definitions, not one subject to genre constraints or the influence of the dancefloor. - A notice that the Zeke Clough exhibition will be free with an email to [email protected] + topic title 'Zeke Clough' and full names of anyone attending. Otherwise we will ask for a small donation on the door. The night afterwards will not be, to guarantee entry we advise buying tickets as they are selling fast. Tickets guarantee entry to both events. - Exhibition will start at 7pm Music commencing from 9pm until close. - Exhibition - [email protected]
  • Local Authority with Adam X, Bill Kouligas & Skirt - Flyer front