Noise of Art's Psychedelic Magical Mystery Tour

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    Noise of Art presents... The Beatles: MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR film Justin Robertson Fred Deakin (Lemon Jelly), Si Begg Fiona Bevan Ben Osborne Leftside Wobble Mystic Rock (The Thing) Rupert the Brewer Overlap Prick Image Your Mum Laura J Martin and more
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  • Noise of Art presents a night of film, music, art, DJs and psychedelic curiosity over three floors and featuring The Beatles film MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR, now fully restored with a remixed 5.1 surround soundtrack – finally shown on the big screen for the first time, 45 years after it was made. First broadcast by the BBC in 1967, The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour’ was a product of its era while also being years ahead of its time. The film anticipated techniques that were to become industry standards , such as ad lib film scripts, mocumentaries and surreal Television comedy. The night is inspired by the evolution of psychedelic music, from folk, through rock and soul music, to acid house and contemporary club music. With more acts being announced, the line up sees Justin Robertson, creator of the ‘Art of Acid’ compilation, play an acid house set, electronic music pioneers Si Begg and Fred Deakin play new audio visual sets, Leftside Wobble and, Noise of Art founder, Ben Osborne, mix cosmic dancefloor fillers. Fiona Bevan and Kevin Pearce, two of the UKs fast rising singer songwriters, will form part of the folk connection. They join Noise of Art regulars who’ll complete the immersive cinema and club experience. Rounding off a week of events that’s seen the Beatles’ cult film, Magical Mystery Tour, shown on the big screen for the very first time, Apple Films Ltd (the film making arm of the Beatles’ company) is allowing Noise of Art to screen the film as part of Noise of Art’s cross platform clubbing event. This is the last screening in a week of events celebrating Magical Mystery Tour in the run-up to its release on Blue Ray and DVD. It follows a gala event at the BFI Southbank on Oct 2nd, where Noise of Art will create the after show for an invited audience. The event continues Noise of Art’s celebration of the 45th anniversary of psychedelia, which started with a sell out New Year’s eve event in London and saw three days of activity at Latitude Festival. For further information about the film visit For details of the event and tickets visit or
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