Illuminations: Ital (Debut Live a/v Show Feat. Aurora Halal)

  • Heading a new wave of dance producers, Brooklyn based Daniel Martin-McCormick aka Ital chops and skews classic house/techno through a liberating and unique soundworld. His tracks are panoramic, labyrinthine constructions that channel the dystopian visions of Drexciya and the industrial explorations of Chris & Cosey while never straying too far from a 4/4 mindset. As one half of Thrill Jockey/Not Not Fun act Mi Ami Daniel brings a euphoric post-noise aesthetic into play, continually distorting, filtering and panning different channels to create amorphous, boundary-blurring productions, where voices from the ether and melted synth washes soar across the soundfield. Dancefloors across Europe have been smitten by his tactile live set, from underground basements to festival mainstages as his sound/performance is a RUSH. On this tour he is accompanied by visual artist Aurora Halal (Innergaze/100% SILK), who will take dancefloors deeper with her synched up cosmic projections and hall of mirrors VHS feeds. “Hive Mind subverts the expectations and structures of house music... as messy and thoughtful a take on house as we're likely to hear this year.” Pitchfork
  • Illuminations: Ital (Debut Live a/v Show Feat. Aurora Halal) - Flyer front