Lost Baggage feat. Chris Fortier

  • PLAIN CLOTHES BAGGAGE Lost Baggage goes UNCOGNITO!! On 29 March you are officially OFF the hook!! The Lost Bags couldn’t be fucked coming up with a theme for this one so this time just come up with one yaself. Or come as yaself! Or if ya feelin unsure come as someone else. Or if ya feelin a bit straight come bent, or down then high …..i think u get the picture. Except for some of our most LOYAL LOST BAGS most of you wear what you want every time anyway so ummm what was I sayin again??!!!! Oh that’s right…….IMPORTANTLY, on 29 March we treat you with one of the few intelligent things to come from the USA over the past few years…..His name is CHRIS FORTIER. He has a swag of yumm releases & hot compilations on major labels like Bedrock and Balance. He will treat with you his unique blend of Progressive & Techno for hours and hours until ur feet hurt or until you get side tracked by whats happening in our very warm very funky side room. Which brings me to my next point…..supporting the main room shenanigans, we have handballed the Lounge to the very capable and of late, very techno SWEET CHILLI crew. Alongside the lads ie Daniel & Crispin will be one of Melbourne’s finest young talents Virginia Le and Sydney’s own Save Freaks one half of which is formerly of DIY sound system fame. Get set!!!!! Ahhh we also have more Melbourne love in the form of Luke McD & Ehsan Gelsi from Smash Bang Records from way down warming the room up for Chris in the main room. Phewww now what else……… Wallet damage: 25 Australian Pesetas Dress: PLAIN CLOTHES or whatever Peace Love n Love The Lost Bags While many people may claim to know Chris' sound, with their focus on continually labeling him one thing or another, Chris is equally as focused on his efforts to push back the musical boundaries. It is testament to the man that he continues to develop his sound and musical direction, after all, as the man says himself “I just like to play good underground music, I don't limit myself. MAIN ROOM 1000 – 0000 Frisco 0000 – 0200 Luke McD & Ehsan Gelsi 0200 – 0400 Chris Fortier (Bedrock) 0400 – 0600 Emerson::Murat Sweet Chilli Lounge 1100 – 0030 Virginia Le (Mel) 0030 – 0200 Crispin Kerr 0200 – 0400 Daniel Croccetti 0400 – 0600 Save Freaks STRAWBERRY BOOGIE TERRACE 1000 – 1130 James Weirick (Paradise Lost) 1130 – 0100 Disco Not Disco DJs 0200 – 0400 Matt Ringrose 0200 – 0400 James Stenner (Better Days)