Lost Baggage feat. Kevin Griffiths (tsuba)

  • HEART ATTACK DOCTORS & NURSES Doctor Doctor Gimme the Nooze!!!!!! I think I’m havin a Heart Attack!!!! Cupid is almost upon us yet again but where have all my Bloody Valentines gone?? My baggage has gone walkies and my heart is sore.........I’m sick of scraping fluoro kids off my bumper and my ears have been violated by electro one too many times. BEWARE NOW, the Lost Bags are comin at you with a TECHNO FIST and a TSUBA TWIST!!!! “Tsuba hmmmmmm???” I hear you say. Tsuba was launched in Jan 2006 by Kevin Griffiths, previously the A&R for Berlin’s Fine Records. Tsuba covers the best in European flavoured cutting edge electronic club music and since its inception has quickly earned a reputation as one of the UK’s leading labels. The artist roster includes Oxia & Eric Borgo, David K, Steve Lawler and of course chief of the label Kevin Griffiths who is our very hot international guest this February for Lost Baggage V. A reminber Feb 08 is a Year of the Leap variety.......fkn fabulous a bonus day to recover from all your recreational abuse!!!!!! AND yet another exciting addition for February is the Loose Kaboose Lounge where Trinity and company will be bringing their very deep, intelligent sound to fill the warm environs of the Carpet lounge. Starting with Phil Smart and Trinity in Feb. Nice Waaaaan I hear you say....so good to have Phil on board. HOT techno and mind blowing minimal infused pumping goodness and all round rockin good shit that will make you scream and holler like Jenna Jameson in a money shot!! Ha. As if that wasn't enuff, for dessert we are throwing in our very famed sweet as mango lassy STRAWBERRY BOOGIE TERRACE (name is gay we know)....Just for good measure and relief from all the STEAMING HOT TECHNO in the other rooms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As well as offering one of the only smoking terraces in the whole of King's Cross, we have managed to snag the very fkn talented ALEX WOLFENDEN frm Café Mambo Ibiza (pffft who is coming this year!!!!!). Alex happens to be lurking around our shores at the moment and pitched up to SPICE last week and started spinning so we thought lets get him on for the nxt Lost Baggage!!!! Kit up in your medical gear of choice this FEBRUARY as we make it our business to repair broken hearts piece by piece this Valentine’s Day weekend. Doctors, Nurses and Lab assistants alike!!!!!! Dress Up Dress Down Dress Dress All Around....... just DRESS!!!!!!! or UNDRESS!!!!! HOT techy shit that will make you smile and dance til the sun rises on the same day but after. Peace Love n Mung Beans The LOST BAGS
  • Lost Baggage feat. Kevin Griffiths (tsuba) - Flyer front