Stattyard - Stattbad In The Open Air

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    Kiki (BPitch) Ewan Pearson (Kompakt) Click Click (Kassette) Meggy (Keinemusik) Cinthie (Stattbad) Exhibition: "Secret Garden" curated by VAGE Start: 16:00 Wall design by: Donnie Danger Installations by: VAGE Crew Hanging art by: Sabine Moore Exhibition by: Van Breezy, Cheery Bomb, Geo, Lilly, Lucia & J. Balla VAGE is a community of international artists from all walks of life working together to encourage, support, and grow both technically and creatively. It is also a networking platform focusing on artist representation, events, tours, workshops and community projects. VAGE is open to all artists looking to create, experience, network, or find inspiration.
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